11 February, 2020

Your drain and the plumbing system running through your house are designed to process liquids. But maybe you have gotten into the habit of using drains to dispose of any number of household items that do not belong down there. And eventually, those things are going to build up until a clog forms.

Coffee grounds

Most people assume that coffee grounds are small enough that they will not stick around in your pipes, but that is not the case. In fact, most plumbers say that coffee grounds are one of the most likely sources of a clog in your kitchen pipes.


Eggshells themselves may seem harmless, but when sent down the drain, the small bits get stuck in grease and fat and other oily substances to create a thick mess that can easily clog your pipes. You are better off disposing of your eggshells by putting them in the trash can.

 Grease, fat and oils

They act as a binder for all sorts of materials, such as the eggshells mentioned previously, and create thick, sticky globs that can coat pipes until nothing can pass through them. So, when it comes to substances like these, the best solution is to place them into a can to allow them to cool and then place them in your trash.

Pay attention to the substances that are going down the drain. Proper installation and regular maintenance, parts checking and replacement by professionals will also benefit the health of your household plumbing systems.