The best way to predict the future is to design it.

Environmental design

For us, sustainable development is the right direction for all industries. MEC is proud to have participated in the projects that carry Lotus certification (Vietnamese certificate for green buildings) and we also have AP Lotus advisers who can give guidance to save energy consumption, improve wellness of consumers and reduce carbon footprint.

We are always on the lookout by identifying our clients' sustainable goals; considering their lifestyle, analyzing the consumption habits and from then set goals that are feasible. After gathering enough information, we will offer advice that is consistent with client's desires regarding sustainability and energy-efficient. MEC's primary focus is to research and appropriately take advantages of natural resources to reduce artificial energy and waste. By doing so, we can minimize negative impacts on health and the environment through out the life cycle of a project.

Energy saving

Reducing energy use in HVAC and lighting: Overall MEP design can determine the amount of lighting, heating and cooling a building will require. Since lighting and HVAC system are building's major sources of energy consumption, it is necessary that MEP designers optimize the efficiency of those systems to reduce cost and environmental impacts. Depending on the building, some HVAC solutions include strategies can make use of natural ventilation and natural heat sources, therefore minimize energy losses in conventional systems. Reducing lighting expenditures can be achieved by developing designs that allow more natural light into occupied spaces and by using more efficient technology.

Water conservation: There are a number of designs and methods that can help a building lower its water use and save money on water bills, including recycling water, using water saving equipment and water saving design.

Electricity consumption: Lighting, computers, office equipment, heating and cooling systems, and a number of other appliances can raise electricity consumption. Incorporating renewable energy sources like solar panels are often used along with other special systems (BMS, etc.) to make sure electrical systems are operating at optimal efficiency.

Sustainable values

For us, a project begins at the planning stage and ends when the structure is no longer being used and properly demolished. A green project should have the following elements:

  • Energy saving
  • Wellness of consumers
  • Reduce footprint throughout the life cycle of the building