24 February, 2020

Electrical safety is very important for the well-being of building occupants. If you neglect electrical safety, there’s a high chance of property damage and everyone inside is exposed to serious hazards. Here are some common mistakes that everyone should pay attention to.

Outdated Electrical Panels

The electrical panels usually remain for decades without any replacement. The biggest problem with an old electrical panel is that it is often used to the very maximum and they deteriorate quickly over time. If your building still has an old panel, you’d better replace it with a modern panel with automatic circuit breakers, ensure a higher level of electrical safety. 

Electrical Appliances in Proximity to Water

The most common reaction when you see water reaching a device is to unplug it, but this may lead to electrocution. The smartest thing to do in this situation is turning off the power through the main panel box immediately when the fault occurs.

Repurposed or Second Hand Devices

It seems that getting a second-hand appliance or repurposing one contributes to reduce your budget. However, this can lead to lower energy efficiency and a higher risk of accidents. It’s better to spend a bit more than putting your building and its occupants in danger!

Always be on the lookout for faulty electrical objects in your home because electrical safety should be a top priority. Don’t tackle electrical problems on your own, even if you have a lot of tools. Your well-being is worth much more than spending money on hiring professionals to help you solve these problems.