Production and manufacturing

Huy Hung Mechanical Company

Huy Hung Mechanical Company is one of the small branches of MEC. The mechanical workshop was established in 2000 with the original purpose of supplying directly to MEC. With a team of experienced and skilled technicians, skilled workers, this mechanical workshop has become a large manufacturing company, and has engaged in production and installation of mechanical products for many large scale projects in Vietnam and abroad.

Huy Hung Mechanical Company is specialized in producing mechanical products for electronics, industrial electricity, civil electric, automation, machine building, agro-forestry processing and other fields.

The products manufactured by the our factory have been trusted by customers all over the country. Many of our products are used in large/ high-end projects. They are produced by modern machines using CNC technology. By being able to manufacture and install everything without any additional 3rd party's help, we are able to speed up the process, cut down cost and lower the price tag. Our modern production technology and supply-chain system also helps sustaining good quality, product value while reducing production time.

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