20 March, 2020

Wifi provides the internet for phone, laptop and TV within its coverage, but the transmission capacity is very limited if the wifi is not properly installed. Here are some suggestions to improve your indoor wifi.

  1. Choose a good location for your router

Materials like concrete and metal often block wifi waves, especially electronic devices, which create huge barriers. Therefore, make sure the router is not blocked by as many devices as possible.

  1. Convert into 5GHz

Wifi routers 5GHz frequency provide faster data rate in a shorter distance than 2.4GHz frequency. If possible, consider using a 5GHz wireless frequency to accelerate wifi.

  1. Get a more efficient antenna

Not all antennas are produced with the same efficiency. Sometimes, wifi vendors may provide bad antennas. Therefore, you can consider to afford another antenna that is enhanced, which generally gives you a better performance.

Better wifi connection will certainly bring comfort when accessing the Internet. These suggestions above are simple but guarantee an optimal use efficiency to occupants.