Comprehensive Services

Save time and avoid budget overages by working with fewer contractors. MEC is your one-stop MEP solution provider.


MEC offers different services at MEP Engineering; therefore our first action is to help clients decide exactly what they need. In the very beginning, our clients are invited to engage in an open discussion about goals and project purposes. We give them our undivided attention and take this job extremely serious. After all, clients know their project best. From that conversation, objectives, budget, timeline and return on investment expectations are revealed. Once everything is clear, we focus our engineering expertise to provide the right solutions to meet those needs.


MEC always wants to give customers the best service from the moment the project is formed. We are committed to provide cost-effective solutions. Our consultants and engineers always consider factors such as local climate, lighting condition, surrounding community lifestyle, etc. to recommend strategies that can achieve maximum cost savings. With years of experience in MEP, MEC has formed a team of professional engineers who are in charge of consulting and design to meet the actual needs of customers. 

Equipment supply

MEC only recommends equipment that will best fit with the specific requirements of the project, irrespective of brand names or supplier alliances. For us, a high-end project is not about using expensive products, but the right one, along with quality design and construction. We always support our suppliers create clusters in which everyone can benefit and grow, with regard to the community and environment.

Products and equipment supplied by MEC are fully certified, include voucher, origin and warranty, and all are warranted and maintained according to manufacture standard.

Project supervision

Construction supervision work plays a very important role in the entire construction process to ensure that the whole process is carried out as scheduled and the quality is according to contract requirements and the construction design drawings created by contractors and the owner.

In reality, the construction practice can encounter many technical problems arise. If these risks get out of control, they can easily cause serious consequences for the whole project. MEC's project supervision department is responsible for supervising, controlling, cost estimation and other services to take care of customer needs. With nearly 20 years of experience in this field, in which we have successfully supervised many international construction projects with tough standards, MEC is proud of our capability to supervise and monitor complex MEP projects.

System installation

In addition to the team of designing engineers, MEC also has a large number of construction engineers and technicians who are technically skilled, hardworking, well-trained. Our project managers have engineering degrees, management certificates and many years of experience in the file. They are responsible and alert and strictly follow standard procedure to ensure safety and quality. 

With its ISO 9001 quality management certificate and superior field experience, MEC always strives to go beyond customer expectations. Our quality service has been confirmed through many large projects and client satisfaction in the country and internationally.

Warranty and maintenance 

Regular maintenance helps to reduce operating costs, lower fixing costs, increase equipment life expectancy, allow people to focus on their daily activities and improve productivity. Therefore, MEC always put the task of customer care on top. Mechanical and Electrical services and equipment provided by us are always warranted, maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's standards and specifications. MEC strives to build long-term customer engagement by providing the most professional support services. Our technical team is always ready to give our customers with the most satisfying services.