12 March, 2020

The design, installation of water systems for private houses, buildings need to meet certain technical standards. Here are three common mistakes when installing drainage systems, if not handled promptly, will cause some serious consequences.
The pipe slope is incorrect
In some cases, the slope of the horizontal pipe may be smaller than 1.5 mm but an ideal slope is 6.5 mm for 300 mm pipe length. This slope allows sewage to flow slowly enough to sweep solids away and also fast enough to scrape inner sides of the pipe. Pipes with high slope > 4% are also susceptible to clog as insufficient slopes, because the waste water moves too fast and leaves solid behind.
Water traps are not well ventilated
Their main function is to maintain separation between the living space and the sewage system. If there is no water trap to separate, toxic and stinky gases will enter the house. Improper ventilation will have a bad impact on your indoor environment.
An inaccessible door
This occurs frequently. A properly installed door must allow people to access and must have sufficient space to work. The gap must be at least 30 to 45 cm.
An efficient drainage system will bring comfort for occupants. The most important thing is that the hygiene will directly affect your health so maintaining your good plumbing system will contribute to improving  your quality of life quality.