6 August, 2019

MEC International is pleased to introduce our new project LATS Building Complex, in which we will be designing and installing the whole MEP system. LATS Building, invested by LATS Real Estate Company Limited, is located in district 2 of Ho Chi Minh City – the most popular choice for expatriates living and working. The complex consists of 12 floors, including 2 floors of supermarket, 3 floors of offices, 3 floors of apartments for rent, and penthouse area with support facilities.

Ho Chi Minh, the business frenzy city of Vietnam has a fast growing demand for high quality properties. As climate change and environmental issues are becoming more alert, the LATS Building is designed to provide green resolutions that not only cut down on emissions released into the ozone, but also reduce energy, water and HVAC costs.

In this project, MEP have been fully integrated into the design process from the early pre-conceptual and concept development stages. We brought in our expertise to offer modern and cost effective MEP solutions that reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments for the residents.

LATS Building is expected to be handed over in this year and make its mark in the district’s expat enclave.