VNT Tower
6 November, 2019

MEC International is pleased to introduce one of our marks in the beautiful and modern Hanoi which is VNT Tower.

The VNT Tower belongs to the VNT Company of Ocean Group. It is located at the crossroads of Nguyen Trai and Truong Trinh – the two main traffic routes in the city. Amidst this crowded and energetic commercial area, VNT Tower is expected to bring you and your business a convenient life and open a promising vision for the future development.

Fafilm – VNT Tower Nguyen Trai, the commercial center, office and apartment complex, which provides 3,500m2 for cultural community activities, 14,655m2 for apartments, 3,900m2 for garden and 5,800m2 for offices and supermarkets. The complex includes a service building with cinemas and community services such as swimming pools, sports facilities, cultural activities, etc. With those numerous utilities integrated in one place, the residents as well as the people living nearby can comfortably enjoy life to the fullest and effectively create productivity for their business.

After participating in hospitality and commercial projects, MEC was confident to take responsibility for providing MEP services for high rise project as VNT Tower. The whole mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems of VNT Tower were under MEP’s scope of work, especially, we didn’t simply follow the the overall MEP design but made suitable and constructive adjustments to cater for the apartment owners’ requirement.

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