6 August, 2019

After many years providing services for construction projects, every job we have participated, MEC engineers always prepare well to make sure that every process is on schedule. We start a MEP project with a kickoff meeting, since it helps build team synergy and everyone is on the same page before proceeding. The following are 4 common steps on how a kickoff meeting is normally performed.

The first step: Present the project staffs
Project planning involves not only scheduling tasks, but also creating the organizational structure. In a MEP project, the kickoff meeting is an occasion to carry out the following tasks: presenting the project organizational structure to all teams and their members, and the place they occupy within. They can be classified by their roles, such as mechanical, electrical or plumbing engineering; or by the project stage where they are involved, such as design, construction or commissioning.

The second step: Review the Project Scope and Plan
Once the project staff members are aware of their roles, the next step is providing details of the work to be completed. A project is first broken down by technical disciplines and then scheduled. For example, a major division of work can be called electrical engineering, which is further divided into categories such as distribution boards, lighting systems and electric motors.

The third step: Overview of Project Stages and Corresponding Documentation
Documentation is very important throughout all stage of a project. The design process follows a set of performance requirements, the construction process follows drawings and specifications, and commissioning ensures that the final results and approved documentation match. Finally, as-built manuals provide the basis for building operation and maintenance.

The fourth step: Defining Communication Channels
Another important aspect of a kickoff meeting is defining communication channels. In a multidisciplinary project with several teams, the case of MEP, for example, not managing communication can lead to confusion, especially with respect to document versions and specifications. As the project documentation is presented, it is important to point out who is responsible for generating it and to whom it must be addressed, as well as the communication channel to be used.

On the other hand, during the kickoff meeting, MEC engineers find it important to point out that risk management should be an ongoing process and not a one-time activity. When executing a MEP project, working safely is as important as meeting the technical requirements in a project.