4 January, 2020

The bathroom is always a space to bring freshness and a sense of comfort for your house. Taking part in the design and execution of the plumbing system for many private housing projects, MEC engineers will offer a some suggestions to make your bathroom more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Firstly, for showerheads, you can buy an environmentally friendly, low-flow showerhead at many home improvement stores. This change not only has the ability to give a new look to your bathroom but can also save a lot of wasted water.

Water is wasted everywhere, many people will even open bathroom faucets while they shave and brush their teeth even if it’s not being used. Changing out normal faucets with modern motion-sensing faucets is one of the effective ways to stop wasting water. Motion sensing faucets only run if water is needed and this virtually eliminates wasted water from bathroom faucets.

It is the fact that toilets consume a lot of water. If you have a very old toilet then it’s time to replace it with one that works more efficiently. Today’s toilets work better with less water, so make sure you opt for one that allows you to choose between two different flushing options. This way you won’t use more water than is needed.

If you want to remodel a bathroom to a higher standard, you can install radiant flooring using the electric version instead. Electric radiant flooring has the benefit of heating a specific room from the ground up. This type of heating is more efficient than old-fashioned baseboard heating.

These are some tips that MEC engineers want to give our clients in the process of upgrading and improving their quality of life. Hopefully you will put these tips into practice and search out some additional ones that will help you do even more for the environment.