6 August, 2019

Do you believe that residents can sell electricity to the state?

Nowadays, this is absolutely feasible in Ho Chi Minh city with solar rooftop system. This system helps reduce pressure on the national electricity grid and in turn, household electricity bills.

The solar rooftop system includes solar generator system that has the role of absorbing and metabolising solar energy into power and inverter system that converts the direct current of solar panel into alternating current with the voltage and frequency that are suitable with the grid system.

Solar rooftop system operates on the principle that when the sunlight shines on solar panels, it will be converted into direct current according to the photoelectric effect. The direct current is converted into alternating current by an inverter equipment with the voltage and frequency that are accurate to integrate with national electric power system. At this time, the load of electricity consumption is powered by both parallel power sources but solar power will be prioritised. If solar power does not produce enough, the consumption load will receive electricity from the grid. When the solar energy produced is more than the needed load, the surplus will be distributed to the electricity grid system for sale to the electricity industry if residents register to sell.

In the face of pressure on energy demand, the solution to use solar rooftop system is an effective measure, which helps households and businesses save up to 90 % of monthly electricity bills for living and production, reduce the pressure on investment in power sources and contribute positively to guarantee national energy security. Recognizing the benefits of solar rooftop systems, MEC engineers are reviewing and studying this system to provide the best quality consulting services for solar system on our projects.