2 December, 2019

When looking for a new house or apartment, there are many factors that occupants should take into consideration such as layout, location, nearby schools, etc. However, there is another important factor: energy consumption. An energy efficient home will be an optimal investment. Our engineers will summarize MEP features of a house so that you can determine to invest in it or not .

A feature regarding home appliances is their energy source. In general, electrical appliances have a higher operating cost than gas-fired appliances, especially heaters and domestic hot water systems. Heat pumps are an exception, however, since they can compete with gas heaters in running costs without burning so much fossil fuel. Therefore, a house with a heat pump is a plus, for example.

The plumbing system design has a direct impact on water bills, and there is also an energy cost for running water pump. In the case of installing domestic hot water systems, considering there is also a heating cost. Plumbing fixtures like faucets and drains should get water efficiency without any leaks and obstruction. While checking around the kitchen or bathrooms, examine the pipes underneath the sinks. Watch out for any leaks or mold growth: leaks increase your water bill, while mold has a negative effect on air quality and health. If any of the two issues is found, make sure it is repaired before you buy or rent.

Many aspects of MEP system are difficult to assess, unless you have a professional background in MEP system. Consider hiring a professional to properly inspect the house and ensure all code-compliant installations is always encouraged. By getting objective and professional opinions, you can avoid unexpected issues and compensation costs, and you can also negotiate a better price.

M&E system is an indispensable component in any place. The comfortable and modern living space will be determined by the MEP system there. Most people looking for a new home are very interested in interior systems. Understanding this demands, MEC engineers always research and recommend practical suggestions to help customers get useful and objective information when choosing a new place to live.