6 August, 2019

MEC International was first established (in 1993) as a mechanical, electrical and electronic service center by Mr Ha Huy Dung along with a team of 20 members who at the time were engineers and technicians at the Vietnamese National Center for Technological Progress belonging to the Institute of Applied Technology in the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam. MEC International is a well-known firm with a prestigious reputation, we constantly refresh ourselves through studying and seeking innovations, fresh ideas or new sustainable equipment. We continuously invest in human resources to continue providing outstanding quality products and services to our customers. MEC is proud of 6 key factors for our success.

Firstly, provide great services: Our strength is the ability to adapt to our client culture and local markets. We provide our clients with services as a specialist firm while at the same time leveraging our worldwide expertise to undertake the most complex projects and assist our clients to achieve their ambitions. In addition to design and installation, MEC also produces mechanical products. With a modern facility along with well trained mechanics and skilled workers, our company have produced quality merchandise that are durable, safe and well-formed.
Secondly, seize trend and be ready to change: The demands of customers and society never stop changing. Grasping this trend, MEC always updates and acquires progressive reforms every day. Having many years of working in the construction industry, to achieve today success, MEC has changed flexibly to create the best products. The most obvious demonstration of MEC’s agility is the application of BIM – a modern process in the field of construction in operation to bring higher productivity with less cost and above all satisfaction for customers.
Thirdly, create a comfortable workplace: MEC’s working environment is an extremely ideal space. In spite of operating in the construction field, the working atmosphere in the office is not boring but very sociable and friendly. Everyone helps each other, especially every individual in the company feels like a part of common development vision.
Fourthly, build a positive spirit in teamwork: The most outstanding feature of MEC culture is the enthusiastic and lively spirit of teamwork. MEC understands that each individual has their own advantages and limitations. Therefore, in any activity, from social activities to company activities, members always work with the spirit of cooperation, learn from each other so that the work is completed with the effort of everybody.
Fifthly, keep the passion: MEC understands that passion for work will bring great products. Everyday of MEC members is an exciting and quality working day. Customers will realize that every product, every work of MEC is our enthusiasm and conscientiousness.
Finally, humbleness: One feature easily recognized when communicating with MEC members is humility. MEC believes that both managers and junior employees have to try more to meet the needs of customers. However, in each project, MEC is always confident and fierce to achieve and even exceed the required standards of investors.

“ Our mission is to provide the most cost-effective solutions according to our client’s requirements with respect to international technical standards” ( Chairman Ha Huy Dung). With these above approaches, MEC International is completing the mission of a prestigious MEP contractor. And in the future, MEC will promote the ability to bring our brand into the world.