6 May, 2019

Do you feel a big change in temperature from one room to the next or some places in the house are warmer or colder than others? Air balancing is a technique recommended by MEC engineers that aims to correct these different types of airflow issues and distribute temperatures evenly throughout the area.

Air balance is a fundamental technique in the HVAC system. This method works by examining the heating and cooling system to find problems that are causing uneven airflow. It adjusts supply and exhaust airflows: a higher air supply causes positive pressure, while a higher air exhaust causes negative pressure. Air balance is an important part of planning for large commercial construction projects, but the same principles of airflow can easily be applied to individual homes or apartment complexes.
Improving the air balance in your home or office may be as simple as adjusting the fan speeds, devices or thermostats. MEC engineers suggest adding dampers or adjusting the existing ones to achieve the desired airflow. Our engineers assume that if the airflow is imbalanced because of a problem with the ducts, it would be better to have them fixed. If any air conditioning ducts that collapse, have holes or are otherwise damaged should be patched or replaced.
HVAC system design flaws need careful modifications, however, redesigning the whole system should not be an option. Our engineers find it possible to improve the layout of some ducts even take them out of the air conditioning.

It is important to improve the comfort levels especially during the summer months. Air balance may also help increase the air conditioning system’s efficiency, decrease energy bills and wear on HVAC components. MEC International company always takes care every detail of the devices to make sure that all equipments can work effectively. Our engineers are specialized in executing MEP fields and we ourselves find it helpful to give some pieces of advice for homeowners and occupants to have the best living condition.

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